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Dasmariñas Water District envisions itself economically viable and sustainable water agency that will provide adequate, safe, potable and affordable water to all residents of Dasmariñas, Cavite




       We will provide comprehensive and balance personnel system and programs designed to uplift morale and promote integrity, efficiency and responsiveness in the implementation of its water related programs.
       We are committed to instill public awareness regarding water resources protection and water conservation so as to improve the quality and quantity of water which affects our health and livelihood.
       We are tasked to undertake comprehensive pipeline connections and rehabilitations extensive metering and monitoring of its facilities and vigorous campaign against water pilferages.
       These undertakings are best achieved through sound and prudent financial management and competent manpower.
       Thus, it is imperative to motivate our workforce to attain highest degree of professionalism with a sense of dedication in providing a better public service to the people of Dasmariñas. 




The Dasmariñas Water District was created by virtue of Sanguniang Bayan Resolution No. 09-79 dated March 18, 1979. Upon completion of all the requirements, the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) granted the conditional certificate of conformance.

       The then Mayor Narciso Guevarra turned over the town’s water system to the newly created water district. There was not much of a legacy so to speak – no office, no staff, no funds, not even an old wrench to start with. But, there were plenty of rusted pipelines, leakages and a population in need of a better service.

       When the Water District started its operation, there were initially five personnel including the General Manager. After a year in 1980, things got a little better. With an approved loan of P150,000.00, the District availed of P120,000 for their metering program, repair leakages, and for the purchase of office supplies.

       The efforts of the District gained recognition when it bagged the award for the “Most Outstanding Neophyte Water District in Luzon” at the Water District Forum held at Cebu City in 1980.
In 1982, DWD was again recognized as “Most Outstanding Water District – Small Category” because the District has increased its service connection from 400 to 600 concessionaires and has lengthened the number of hours of water ration from 2 hours to 6 hours.   
The first pumping station located in Brgy. San Agustin was completed December 1983. Since then more pumping stations was built in order to effectively service the growing number of concessionaire.
Since the District envisions itself as economically viable and sustainable water agency, more awards was given to honor its exceptional public service. Some of the Awards were the following: 1981-Most Outstanding (First Place, Small Category), 1983-Most Outstanding (Sixth place, Small Category), 1984- Most Outstanding (Fifth place, Medium Category), 1984 – Most Effective Operation Practice (Second Place), 1985 – Most Outstanding (Second Place, Medium Category), 1990 – Godfather Large Category 1992 Most Outstanding Water District Large Category.

       The Municipal government has been very supportive of DWD. It requires all subdivisions developer to coordinate first with the District prior to the construction of their water system. It also requires all developers to turn over their water system to DWD. As of now, there are 96 subdivision water systems that were turned over to the District management.

       In 1988, with the assistance of the local government officials, the National Housing Authority (NHA) turned over the DABBWASCO, a private water utility, to the DWD. It has given 4,800 active connections, 1 ground reservoir, 18 pumping station and other facilities. April 1995 when NHA transferred to DWD its Paliparan Water System and Service Projects like water lines, five deepwells with submersible pumps, five 60,000 gallon capacity water tanks and other facilities amounting to P34M.

        At present, the DWD has three offices; the main in Poblacion, in Bagong Bayan and Paliparan; and one collection center: Salawag Collection Center. It has already 110 operational deep wells, 25 standby generator sets and modern computer system for billing and collections. It has also complete water treatment facilities and laboratory for physical, chemical, and bacteriological test of water to ensure at all times the quality of water of District. DWD has about 114,379 water service connections.
Now, the DWD is known as the biggest Water District in Luzon and the third biggest Water District all over the Philippines.